My little draws have a new home, in my cosy corner in the dinning room next to the computer. "My dining room is actually were I spend most of my time, lining baskets, painting furniture and making thing's. "Well till it gets a bit warmer.. and I can go back into the conservatory. At the moment it's absolutely freezing in there, as it has all old glass windows. But it's lovely to be in there in the summer!!
Back to what I bought last Sunday at the Antiques fair...

These cute little Goebel Bunny's," they are actually a Cruet set, I just fell in love with them and they are now sitting happily on top of the draws.

My cosy corner..
My patchwork curtain that covers my printer and all sorts of junk.
Hope everyone had a lovely St Patrick's Day!! xx
Happy Mother's day to all you lovely Mums!.. I spent my Mother's day at a local indoor Antiques Fair which was really lovely. I did managed to come home with a few pretty thing's, which I will hopefully show you later on in the week.

Last week I spent a couple of day's cleaning a few cupboards out, and having a good clear out. That was only the bedroom, and I am still no where finished!!!

But I did find one of my little ornaments that I had completely forgotten that I had, so I suppose a boring job worked out well in the end...

And lastly my £4.00 charity shop little draws had a makeover, which had been sitting for the last couple of weeks in my workroom waiting to be done.. I decided to paint them in a pretty blue, and cover the draw fronts with some Chintz floral wallpaper from Cath Kidston. It was a bit fiddly, and the first draw bubbled up a bit. But I think it turned out better than the last one I tried to do last year in vintage fabric," every time I tried to open the draws it pulled the fabric off with it!! xx