As promised on my last post, I said I would show you my valentine's bargains from Primark. A friend of mine popped around a couple of weeks ago armed with gorgeous pink spotty and floral bags to show me....And bless her she knows that I cannot resist anything spotty, especially if it's a bag!! And when she said they were only £6.00 " Well there was no stopping me ......
Primark here I come!!!

Lovely gift bag for my sisters
Pink floral top for me.. £6.00
Long black floral scarf.. £3.00
Gorgeous floral bag, gift from hubby £9.00 I think? As it was a gift!

"And my other Two favourite bags!!

Pink spotty bag £6.00
Gorgeous floral bag £6.00 ? .. Another gift from hubby!
Butterfly brooch £3.00
Pink spotty wrapping paper £1.00
Blue spotty wrapping paper £1.00
They were definitely my bargains of the day!!!

"Hope you all have a lovely weekend"xx
These are some of the other things I managed to pick up at Newark's Antique fair.

I am not quite sure what I am going to do with this lovely old sheet music, I just loved the cover.
"Maybe it might look good in a frame !!!

I love this blue knitting needles case,which was full of old needles....." Why do I keep buying coloured knitting needles and pretty cases for them!!!! I haven't knitted for about twenty years.
Maybe one day I might have ago again, well I think I might have caught up with showing you my finds from Newark.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! And you all received lots of Valentines cards and flowers.
Hubby and I had a lovely day out in Lincoln, and went to Primark where I picked up a few cheap floral goodies which I will try and show you later on in the week. I have got myself right behind showing you some of the vintage items I bought a couple of weeks ago at Newark's Antiques fair..... Can't believe I am that far behind, looks like I am going to have to get my finger out!!!

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago when I had just got back from Newark, so you might notice on one of my last posts the pictures on the wall. They went up the same day I bought them," same old me" getting all excited with all my new things. I even have to start arranging them all over the house as soon as I walk in the door!!!!

My saying is..... " Boy's and there toys" and girls with there pretties!!!!

I keep looking at this picture, and trying to work out if her head looks too big for her body!!!

This last picture has a couple of marks at the bottom, but i still love it!!!
I forgot to tell you who won the bet on the splash back, my son Nicky did. I left it in the kitchen for seven days..." it's in my work room now. " WORLD RECORD " well it is for me.