" My Cath Kidston bucket bag arrived"
( So Happy am i )
" Thing i have been doing this week"

One of my favourite hobbies is spraying old baskets and lining them in vintage fabrics, I just love doing them!! and have done for many years. When everyone in my house is watching TV, I will be in the kitchen with my little glue gun " gluing away" and as happy as pie.
Pink Hyacinth in my dining room.
"Good thing's come in small box's " ...( This worked for me last night) Having tried every thing i could think of to get a good night's sleep this week and nothing worked. I decided to try the health shop, and was recommended this little roll on bottle in a box. It's called GOOD NIGHT, essential oil roll on remedy.... calming & soothing to promote relaxation. And pig's might fly was my first thought!!! , so last night in bed i gently rolled it onto my pulse points as instructed and relaxed. Can't remember what happened next! but it was 8 o'clock in the morning when i woke up.
Was it!!! the tranquil organic lavender oil, comforting organic bergamot oil, and serene organic ylang-ylang oil, or was it all in my head !! exhausted for not sleeping properly all week. Don't know but "SOMETHING WORKED" and i will be trying it again tonight.
Drooling over my new Cath Kidston magazine, and writing a wish list.
After last weeks saga with the umbrella, "I have treated myself to a new one'', and couldn't wait to go into town today to order the book " VINTAGE VAVOOM" that the very kind Annie recommended from her lovely blog "vintage at the corner House". It should be arriving at the end of the week, with the "Blogging for Bliss" book. I would also like to thank Annie for visiting my New blog and leaving a comment it was very much appreciated. It has been like trying to drive for the first time!! adding pictures and Gadgets to my blog, thank goodness for spell check.
"You've guest it" i am rubbish on a computer and at spelling, so please bear with me if you find silly mistakes.
This is another fabric framed picture that i bought at Kempton Antiques fair last year, I have bought a few of these over the years off the same man. He is so talented and such a nice person, they are all made from vintage French fabrics. Shame i have never asked his name! he is always busy with customers when i go to his stand so i don't like to interrupt him . Fingers crossed! i am hoping he will be at Newark's antiques fair which is in February, i would love to get another off him for my bedroom.
Thought i would show you a few thing's that i have in my small hallway, the 1950's tablecloth on the table i found at a antiques fair many years ago it has a couple of small holes but i still love it. And the green Cath Kidston jug and key fob was a birthday present from my husband last year.