Remember me saying last week I was going to show you the old brown dressing table that I was trying to finish painting. Well hear she is all finished!!

I know she is Green!! and not every ones cup of Tea.. But she will fit in very happy with all the rest of the thing's I have around house.

The rest of the week I have been scooting around the charity shops, and managed to find a few pretty things.

Like this pretty little plastic necklace, that I really love.

And these lovely 1950's curtains, that will hopefully fit my bathroom window.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!! x
Thank you so much everyone, who left a message on my last post it was so very kind of you all.
And I cannot thank you enough.
I was looking forward to be writing this post on a more cheerful note, but today it has been a rush trip to the doctors. When I woke up this morning, my left arm was still very painful, swollen and red from where I had the Tetanus injection last week. I wasn't too worried about that, it was the uncontrollable twitching in that arm that worried me. It turns out that I am having a very bad allergic reaction to the Tetanus jab, and to be quite honest I am felling a bit low and not my usual self, "I was hopping that knock on the head would have knocked some sense into me"... "Well I think that's what my hubby was hoping for!!!

On a happier note, these are a few glimpses of some of recent finds. A lovely embroidered Tea cosy cover.

And I love these two hand embroidered little pictures, sadly there is no hook at the back of them.

A sweet pair of Bookends.

And finally this lovely old picture, that I am hoping to put up on my bedroom wall. ( definitely NOT near the stairs )

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone, hopefully fingers crossed it might be lovely and sunny !! xx