Cirlce of Friend Award!

Thank you so much to the lovely Ann from (VINTAGE AT THE CORNER HOUSE) for giving me this award. It was so lovely of you to think of me.

The conditions of accepting the Award are:
  • List five things I like doing.
  • Pass the Award on to five more Bloggers I would like to know a little more about.
Here we go then...!

  1. Antique Fairs...I love going to Antique Fairs, where I have met so many lovely stall holders over the years which have become very good friends. If I am not at a Fair, you will find me at a charity shop or an auction.

  2. Collecting...I love collecting things from the 1940's or 50's, which has got way out of hand, I am ashamed to admit, I have become a terrible hoarder! Most people have a few embroidered tablecloths; I have ended up with hundreds of items from collecting them over many years. If it's not tablecloths it's vintage scarf's, children's handkerchiefs, vintage aprons, etc... I think I could go on for ever more on this one. I have promised myself when I get a few hours spare I am going to have a major clear out.

  3. Books...I love reading before I go to sleep, especially novels from the 1940's and 50's era. Dee Williams is one of my favourite Authors.

  4. Little weekends away...I love going away in my caravan for weekend's, which sadly is not very often these day's. Last year we did go away however, to a 1940's weekend at Sheringham, which I had never done before. I loved it so much we are hopefully going to go again this year. If anyone loves the 1940's, I highly recommend it!! Hubby even got arrested for not having a dog licence, which was so funny because it really was like being back in those day's when you are there.

  5. Things that make me smile...I love having things around my house that make me smile, which is mostly cute little things that I would never part with. Like this card that was given to me by my 21 year old son Gavin (Munchkins) and his girlfriend five years ago just before he died. Which I look at every morning, as well as the little fairy that was given to him on Christmas morning the day he was born by my mum. He would always laugh at the funny things I would bring back home from a Fair or a car boot, and think his 40 something mum was going a bit mad!!

I hope this post has given a little more about me, and the things I like doing.

These are the 5 Bloggers I would like to give the Circle of Friends Award to;
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  3. Country Cottage Chic
  4. At Home with Mel Mel