My new books have finely arrived! Vintage Vavoom and Blogging for Bliss.
I have managed to flick open a few pages on the way home from town, and vintage vavoom pictures look gorgeous. I'm really looking forward to reading that one, i might even treat myself to a lazy day tomorrow!! curled up on the sofa by the fire with my books. I think that might be wishful thinking!!!
Guess what i will be doing this weekend!!!
Must glue the knob back on, damaged on it's travels up the stairs as well as the hall needs painting were i have scratched all the walls. ( i think i am going to be in the dog house when hubby See's the damaged to the hall in the daylight)
" Well after all that"
It's got to come back down stairs to be painted, I don't like the colour, it's a really sickly green. How thing's look so different on some peoples stalls with all there other pretty vintage thing's. Please excuse the unpainted floor boards, that's another job waiting to be done.
How long does it take to lift a piece of furniture up the stairs!!
A couple of minutes?... Well you would think so, No nearly ONE HOUR, with hubby just gone to work and me being me. Still in my nightie and dressing gown I just can't wait to get my new vintage treasure out the back of the car that i picked up yesterday at Newark's Antique fair, and put it in my bedroom. I never realised how big and heavy it was, and how on earth was i going to get it up my small narrow stairs on my own!!
Well i just couldn't wait till tea time when somebody could give me a lift, me being so inpatient!!! I tried all ways to get it up but it just kept getting stuck on the bend. It was either stay in my nightie all day, because by now it was jammed and i couldn't get past it, or just keep trying.
I have never been so shattered and frustrated in all my life!!!

Lovely old framed print "Mother's Roses" which is now hanging on my bedroom wall.
Barbola plaque
After this morning's panic of not being able to find my camera charger and phone charger, i eventual found them in a draw with hat's and scarf's on top of them. I did managed to take a couple of pictures of my new vintage treasures before it got to dark.
A gorgeous vintage tin covered in roses, that is going to take pride of place in my kitchen window, ANOTHER little wooden doll to add to my collection which are in every room now of my house. They always put a smile on my face when i look at them!!!
Having a pink day
I think i am going mad!! ( well that is what my son and husband think), i have a terrible habit of moving thing around all the time.It's not just once a month or once a week, no it's every DAY!!!.
I decide i want it mostly red in the kitchen and dining room, and spent ages in the evening portering about. Then i get up in the morning and change my mind and think it looks too much, "so off i go again", today i changed my mind again "it's pink and blue" (well with red as well)
My son had a Mon last night because he couldn't find the bin, it was on the other side of the kitchen under the work top. I think i will have to try and stop this, because i was going to take some photos of some of the thing's i have purchased lately and show you. But i have moved my camera charger, and now i can't find it. I would love to know if any body else has this habit? or is it just me, and my family are right "I AM GOING MAD!!!.