I think i am going mad!! ( well that is what my son and husband think), i have a terrible habit of moving thing around all the time.It's not just once a month or once a week, no it's every DAY!!!.
I decide i want it mostly red in the kitchen and dining room, and spent ages in the evening portering about. Then i get up in the morning and change my mind and think it looks too much, "so off i go again", today i changed my mind again "it's pink and blue" (well with red as well)
My son had a Mon last night because he couldn't find the bin, it was on the other side of the kitchen under the work top. I think i will have to try and stop this, because i was going to take some photos of some of the thing's i have purchased lately and show you. But i have moved my camera charger, and now i can't find it. I would love to know if any body else has this habit? or is it just me, and my family are right "I AM GOING MAD!!!.


Country Style Living said...

No your not going mad, I do it all time. My husband gets so cross, because he never knows where anything is, he just gets used to something in one place, and then I decide to have a change. The thing is sometimes you start, and it doesn't go to plan, and you just can't leave it until it feels right. I couldn't live with everything in the same place for too long. I love the pink flowers, by the way. Lovely

vintage flair1 said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking time to comment,you have really cheered me up!
I am so pleased there is somebody else that does this.
Bridie x