"Good thing's come in small box's " ...( This worked for me last night) Having tried every thing i could think of to get a good night's sleep this week and nothing worked. I decided to try the health shop, and was recommended this little roll on bottle in a box. It's called GOOD NIGHT, essential oil roll on remedy.... calming & soothing to promote relaxation. And pig's might fly was my first thought!!! , so last night in bed i gently rolled it onto my pulse points as instructed and relaxed. Can't remember what happened next! but it was 8 o'clock in the morning when i woke up.
Was it!!! the tranquil organic lavender oil, comforting organic bergamot oil, and serene organic ylang-ylang oil, or was it all in my head !! exhausted for not sleeping properly all week. Don't know but "SOMETHING WORKED" and i will be trying it again tonight.