After last weeks saga with the umbrella, "I have treated myself to a new one'', and couldn't wait to go into town today to order the book " VINTAGE VAVOOM" that the very kind Annie recommended from her lovely blog "vintage at the corner House". It should be arriving at the end of the week, with the "Blogging for Bliss" book. I would also like to thank Annie for visiting my New blog and leaving a comment it was very much appreciated. It has been like trying to drive for the first time!! adding pictures and Gadgets to my blog, thank goodness for spell check.
"You've guest it" i am rubbish on a computer and at spelling, so please bear with me if you find silly mistakes.


Kesenya said...

What a darling little picture accompanying this post - where did you find very cute ! I collect little golden books and it looks like a little golden book illustration, but i have never seen this one before ! Your blog is lovely by the way ! XX