What do you do when it's four o'clock in the morning, and you can't sleep.... I end up making a cushion, well choosing the fabric and cutting it out. Waiting for daylight hour's till I can get my dusty sewing machine out, it must be month's since i made a cushion. Then I ended up unpicking the back because i forgot to hem one of ends. How easy it is to forget simple thing's when you haven't done one for a while.
After going back to bed for a couple of hour's, well I lasted out till about six o'clock!!
When i got up I finished the cushion off and then started looking for a little photo frame that I bought last year and never did anything with. Found some leftover" Louise Loves" wallpaper that I did my bedroom in some years ago, then found one of my old postcards and some tiny flowers and glued them onto the frame. .....And this is how it turned out, I think it looks quite sweet for my first attempted.
The rest of the day was taken up lining a basket, with this really sweet fabric. Which was an old pillowcase thatI have cut up to line the basket in.

This one has ended up in my bedroom on top of a small cupboard, were I keep my gorgeous Fairy dolls that I bought last year off Niki "from Nostalgia at the stone house". Sorry Niki if you read this I would of liked to put a link to your site just then, but its a bit too technical for me. I am still learning to do basic things on my blog, so please everyone bear with me if I keep making mistakes..... WellI have got a big red clock now so everyone can see the time!!!! ( does that mean I'm getting there slowly?.
"Have a lovely weekend everyone" x


Annie said...

You have been busy, I love all your makes , especially the pretty cushion.
Ann x

Country Style Living said...

The cushion looks lovely, very pretty. As does the basket and photo frame. Well done