Yesterday I spent most of the day at the Hospital ...All because of this picture!!!

What happened was.. The other day I found at a charity shop a lovely bright yellow wooden coat stand, not all that keep on bright yellow! So I thought I would put it in the spare bedroom ( junk room) till I had time to paint it. As I was carrying it up the stairs it knocked the picture off the wall, and the picture landed on my head!!!
It honestly felt like somebody had hit me over the head with a brick..I just sat on the stairs and burst into tears, and then saw all this blood dripping from my head. I thought I was going to pass out! as I walked into the kitchen and looked in the mirror my face and dressing gown was just covered in blood.
Should I phone an Ambulance or phone hubby... I ended up screaming down phone to hubby, "get here quick I am bleeding to death!!! ( NEUROTIC OR WHAT)
So I grabbed my tracksuit bottoms, " the ones I had on the night before; Well I couldn't go to the Hospital in my disgusting dressing gown!... I think hubby was shocked when he saw the state of me!!!

After a long wait to see a Doctor, a kind nurse gave me a Tetanus jab, and all the other things like my blood presser taken e.g. The doctor finally arrived, and started asking me all sorts of questions as I sat on the bed " like did I have blurred vision" e.g.
"Then all of a sudden" I looked down at my navy blue tracky bottoms, and to my "HORROR"
I spotted grains of " DRIED SPECIAL FRIED RICE" stuck on the bottom of my trackies, from the Chinese I had the night before. All I could think about was... how ashamed I was going up the Hospital like this, with dried rice stuck to my clothes. SHOULD I FLICK IT OFF!! Before he saw it... or try and cover it with my hand?... I think I must have made thing's worse because he kept asking me if my ankle was hurting.

Thank goodness when he went out to see one of the nurses!!!
He couldn't make his mind up to weather to glue my head, or leave it to heal on it's own. As the cut didn't look SO bad when they had cleaned me up..." YES I FLICKED IT OFF" I am ashamed to admit!!! And worst of all, he told me I cannot wash my hair for another four or five day's, which needed washing already.

I know my Mum will be looking down on me now and laughing!! .. She always said "Make sure you always have clean knickers on, and clean clothes. You never know when you have to go somewhere in an.. EMERGENCY !!!


Annie said...

You poor thing, it sounds like you had a terrrible shock but it did make me smile when you got to the bit about the rice. Hope your head isn't too sore and is healing up. The picture is lovely by the way and I am sure the coat stand will be once you can face painting it. Take care and have a relaxing weekend.
Ann x

MelMel said...

Oh my goodness...are you ok now?????

That happened to my Mum, she felt poorly for take it easy....look after yourself....

The pictures are very the

Sarah said...

Golly, I would have been petrified seeing blood from my head! Hope you are OK now. I did once have to have a bath before an urgent trip to the hospital - silly or what?!!!

melanie said...

Poor you, that is awful, but I did laugh at the bit about the rice, lol. xxx
I hope your feeling better now. :)

Tabiboo said...

Oh my - I hope your feeling OK? Well apart from the special fried rice and unwashed hair that is??

take care,

Nina xxx

ps. I would of flicked it off too!

Linda said...

Thank you for a great chuckle - obviously I hope you are ok but having had my 10 year old son shut the car boot down on my head and a similar trip to hospital and glued head and no hairwashes, I can chuckle sympathetically !! Glad I found your blog tonight ! Linda x

VintageVicki said...

Ouch :(

Both my o/h & little son have had trips to A&E with split heads - o/h on some warehouse racking & little son fell off a slide. Both scars are in the hairline fortunately.

BTW - just found your blog via Bobobun. Lovely pictures :)

Country Style Living said...

Hope you are feeling better. Always enjoy reading your blog. Great pictures too

winnibriggs said...

only just found you. lovely blog & great piccies. Hope you gat commission from CK. Sorry to hear about your head hope its healing now. Know what you mean about not washing it! Men just don't understand
Kind Regards Jenny

Pomona said...

I hope you are feeling a bit better today - and you know, your mother was quite right, mothers always are. I am sure that you will follow her advice now!

Pomona x

Anonymous said...

I am happy you found the humor in the whole thing and provided a great giggle for all of us! Hope you feel better soon!

Country Cottage Chic said...

You poor thing! Hope your head is feeling a bit better by now.