These last few day's I have been spending most of my time painting a lovely old dressing table, it will have it's final coat of paint tomorrow. So fingers crossed...I can show you some pictures later in the week of how it turned out!!

In -between painting I did manage to buy a few vintage goodies to keep me happy!!
Some old fabric to add to my collection.

This cute plastic Spillers dog hook to hang my key's on.

And this lovely old Jacobs floral tin,... "That I love to bit's!!!
Enjoy the rest of the week.. x


melanie said...

What great finds, the tin is just perfect! xxxx

MelMel said...

OM...gosh....I LOVE the tin!xxx

Country Style Living said...

The fabrics are great, very bold. I love the key holder, he's so cute!

Scarlett Fontaine said...

love love love that tin!! I loving reading you blog (hence the bulk comment leaving!)lol Scarlett x